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Humedales Artificiales en la Albufera

The Albufera lake is one of the most valuable eco-systems of the Nature Reserve. However, its present ecological condition is a far cry from its condition a few decades ago. Up until the 1960's, its fresh water was clear and was rich in diverse flora and fauna.

The urban, agricultural and industrial development that took place in Valencia and neighbouring towns and villages caused, in the early 1970's, an intense degradation of the quality of l’Albufera's water. Water plants and most fish, molluscs, water insects and small mammals disappeared. A shortage of food meant that birds were also driven away and their numbers fell sharply.

In addition to the issues of pollution and the extinction of the species, less and less water was fed into the lake. The unfinished business concerning the lake of l’Albufera is to secure an ecologic water flow in sufficient amounts and quality to restore the lake to its former glory back in the 1960's.