Tancats de Mília i l'Illa

Humedales Artificiales en la Albufera

Acuamed is the main instrument of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for development of the Mediterranean River Basin Development Programme. The main objective of the public corporation Aguas de lasCuencasMediterráneas S.A. thus consists in contracting, constructing, purchasing and operating all manner of public water works. This public interest projects are undertaken in the following river basins: Segura, Júcar, Ebro, Andalusian Mediterranean and Internal Catalan Basins.

Acuamed is responsible for over a hundred state Programme initiatives around the Mediterranean basins, in pursuit of three main objectives: to increase water resources, to improve water management and to restore the environment.

AcuaMed is responsible for the constructed wetlands of Tancat de Milia and Tancat de L’Illa.

web:  www.acuamed.es